The Cannabis Connoisseur 

Why does one bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir cost $9 dollars, while another bottle costs $90?  Or one bottle of Cabernet can be $2 bucks, but a good French Cab will run over $200?  Aren't they growing the exact same grape strains?  

The answer is "Yes, they are growing the exact same strains, but some people are just a lot better at growing, harvesting, and delivering a superb product.

Cannabis is no different. The skill of the grower has far more impact on the final product than the strain he started with.  If you really care about what you smoke, you can't just say "I like Mango Kush" and leave it at that. You have to know who grew that Mango you liked so much, and understand that buying it for a lesser price from a different grower may not turn out to be the bargain you were looking for. 

While Lakeshore Harvest is always going to keep an eye on new strains as they are developed, our real focus is not on the strain, but on optimizing our process.  How do we plant, water, fertilize, light, shape, harvest, dry, and trim in order to get the very best appearance, aroma, flavor, and effects from our crops?  These are the details that really determine the quality of the product we are able to deliver to our customers... and we are always looking to evolve and improve.

Our Mission
We believe every individual should have the right to access the cleanest and purest possible medical and recreational cannabis products.  In pursuing our goal, we are committed to using only the finest processes and growing methods, and we pledge never to take shortcuts where your health is concerned.  It may cost a little more, but our loyal customers agree, it is absolutely worth it.